Back to Delhi

I’m still feeling very jaded but the worst of the Delhi Belly is well and truly over… just in time to go to Delhi!   This afternoon I got the most ‘un-deluxe’ deluxe bus back to Delhi and just to illustrate that I am not yet on form I made the silly decision to pay 200 rupees ($6) for an Auto to the hotel and then paid the driver 300 rupees because he spent 1 hour sitting in traffic followed by 30mins driving around in circles looking for my hotel!  

I arrived at the hotel which will be the starting point for my 2nd Intrepid tour… being so tired and worn down I made my second silly decision of the day – I booked an extra night there (instead of looking for something cheaper) and slapped it on the visa.   While it was only $60nzd it was WAY over my budget (Ive been spending max $10nzd a night)…  Having said that… the next 24hrs was spent chilling in my room catching up on zzz’s in relative luxury and getting my (much needed) energy back!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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