Day 1 of the 2nd Intrepid Tour

Today the tour started with a 6pm meeting where I filled out forms, handed over a local payment and met everyone.   There are 12 people on our tour, 6 were travelling together in the south of India (on another intrepid trip) and 6 of us are newbies.   There are 4 ‘older’ people, a mother/daughter team and 8 youngins.   Most of the group is from Australia, 2 from the UK, one from the US (but she claims to be Canadian) and this time I am the lone kiwi.   Our leader is Anant from India (of course), he is also a bit of a yongin and seems lovely.     So far so good, its an interesting group of people – I am sure I will leave in two weeks time with some new friends.  

I’m sharing a room with the older US/Canadian woman.  I think it’s going to be a big adjustment having to share a room with a stranger after the last tour when I had my own room the whole time!   I didn’t realise how spoilt I was!!!

A group of us when out for meal after the meeting and I caught up with Raj which was nice.  He got my little camera fixed for me while I was up north which was fantastic – sometimes the big camera is too much of a hassle… so it will be good to use the little one during the rest of the time I am in India.     I said my 2nd farewell to Raj but we think we might bump into each other in Pushkar as he is doing another tour there when I am there.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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