Onwards to Bharatpur

After visiting the Taj I finally got hold of the family and received the bad news that my poppa passed away on Saturday.   Even though poppa was old and I knew it was on the cards I was understandably pretty upset… my heart wanted to jump on the next plan back to New Zealand to be with the family, but my head (and the family) said to stay in India.   The hardest thing about travelling not being at home when things happen (the good and the bad).     The group was great though and I am thankful for their support (and the distraction of the tour).

We left Agra at about 8.30am and travelled by bus to Fatehpur Sikri a small but busteling town…. I called my sister from a payphone in a market… I was sitting on a box, talking to my sister, had a million flies swarming around me, a croud of men watching me and the occasional camel walking past… It was surreal! 

We visited the fort, had some lunch and headed on to Bharatpur.  In Bharatpur we visited the Keoladeo Bird Park taking a cycle rickshaw into the park to view the birds.  It was quite lovely and we saw lots of wildlife including a Hyena which is apparently VERY rare (the guide hasn’t seen one in 7 years).   It was all very nice but I was lost in my own thoughts… 


Here are a few photos of the fort and the bird park:


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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