Staying at Fort Madhogarh

We travelled by jeep a further 1-2hrs into Rajastan and headed towards Fort Madhogarh.   The Fort has been converted into a lovely heritage hotel; it was quite a special place to stay.    The fort is in the whoop whoops – so in the early evening we went for a village walk which was pretty cool.  Kids ran up to us to say hello and have their photo taken.   Intrepid (and perhaps other groups) come to this village regularly so we went a novelty – but the kids were still excited to see us which was nice (and well trained, I don’t think many asked for rupees… they just wanted their photo taken)

It was Diwali (a special holiday) so after dinner the family who owns the fort (real royalty) joined us for dancing and a fireworks display.  The fireworks were fun but a tad scary – these people are fearless!

Here are some photos, for more info about the fort check out:


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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