Jaipur – the pink city

We arrived at a place called ‘Diggi Palace’ which believe it or not is another heritage hotel and was actually a palace!   Its quite nice, has a huge lawn and space for a swimming pool (its crying out for a pool!).   For most of the day I chilled at the Diggi Palace, I called home as the funeral for poppa was today – it was really good to talk to the family.

In the evening we went for an orientation walk – there are lots of markets and textiles here and its pretty easy to get carried away.  I made the mistake (in hindsight) of buying a Rajastani skirt (long skirt with sun/moon patterns on it), the top half of a swasi thingie (see this blog entry) and a silk scaf.    As soon as I got back to the hotel  I KNEW I wouldn’t wear the skirt (its just not me), the swasi thingie  OR the silk scarf!!!  Silly me…  will carry them around for a bit, wear them a couple of times and then probably ditch them!

The second day in Jaipur was a free day, so I went with Anant (our tour leader) to buy tickets for the bollywood movie the group is going to see.   Anant wanted one of us girls to go because the queues for tickets are gender based… as expected the girls queue was much smaller than the guys queue!     After getting the tickets I came back and chilled out for a bit (caught up with my journal, read and relaxed) and then joined the rest of the group for coffee and a movie in the evening.

The movie (Heros) was SOOOO cool… what an experience.   The movie theater was beautiful and the atmosphere was comical.   You are sitting there concentrating on the movie (its in Hindi), there are people talking, kids playing, babies crying, phones rining… its like a circus.   Then when a famous star comes on screen the crowd goes wild and starts cheering!  Its so funny.

The movie itself was good too…  4 out of 10 of us stayed till the end.   And while it was in Hindi and didn’t have subtitles I was impressed that we could understand what was going on!   Here is the website for the movie if you are interested:  http://heroes.erosentertainment.com/

Here are a few photos from Jaipur:


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I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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