The journey from hell… To Rathambhore National Park

Holy crap…  Today we drove from Jaipur to Rathambore National Park… something tells me we were supposed to be in jeeps but instead a small bus turned up.   I am not sure if the road was the main road or if the driver took a short cut… But either way, it was a really really rough journey!
Being the optimist I always try to always find the good in a bad situation – so at first I thought it was all fun and games…  And then the the novelty wore off and I started to worry about the bus rolling in the middle of nowhere and our remains being eaten by wild dogs.   Seriously this was one rough journey!

At first it started as a single tar sealed road, slightly dodgy because of the cars, camels and tractors going in the opposite direction – it was a bit like playing chicken.  This was ok.    It was when the road started to deteriorate so badly the bus driver decided to take an alternate route things went from bad to worse.   The 2nd route had a slightly thinner road, it was unsealed and not at all designed for a small bus….   It was plain scary and at one point we asked to get out and walk!!!

Obviously we didn’t crash – but we were late to our destination, had to scoff lunch and then get on ANOTHER bus to do a safari in the jungle and look for tigers.   The safari bus was more comfortable than the other bus but we were over busses and therefore totally unenthused by the safari.   

Consequently…. We didn’t see any tigers.   It was all a bit of a piss take really… so many jeeps and busses in the jungle looking for tigers, they made so much noise – the chances of seeing a tiger are pretty slim.

Here are some photos:


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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