A Puja for Poppa in Pushkar

We travelled to Pushkar by private car…  I think it probably took 4-5 hours?!   Unfortunately (for Anant) on the way to the luxury campsite we stopped off at the luxury hotel and got really excited about staying at another place with a pool.    I will admit I was a little disappointed to discover we were to be staying in tents again (with no pool) but once I got used to the idea I thought it was great…  what better way to kick off my time in Pushkar in an luxury campsite in the middle of the desert… all meals and transport included (transport by camel cart of course!).   

A few members of the group were really pissed off about the camping situation and poor Anant had to deal with the crossfire… in the end 4 people from the group transferred to another hotel and did their own thing in Pushkar  This was a bit sad for the group dynamics but the rest of us continued to enjoy the little time left on tour.

Pushkar is a small town and a very holy place in India… they say that Brhama dropped a lotus flower on earth and Pushkar’s tiny lake appeared.    All around the lake are Ghats where people pray and take holy baths…  its almost like a smaller, cleaner version of varanassi.     

After arriving at the desert camp we had a bite to eat and then headed by camel cart into town.  We were met by Ganesh (the local intrepid guide/priest) who took us down to the ghats for Puja (prayer ceremony).    The Puja ceremony was very special… after the group Puja he asked if anyone had recently lost a loved one and would like to do a pray for them… this was perfect timing for me and I had my own little ceremony for poppa… kind of made me feel a little bit better seeing as I missed the funeral.   Gosh, I wonder how Pop feels about being puja-ed in a holy lake in India?!?!

I seem to have lost the photos from the puja, but here are some other photos from the first couple of days in Pushkar:


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