Farewell to the group… and happy birthday Lauren (blondie)

After the camel ride we went back to the camp and had a birthday dinner for Lauren – we gave her some birthday pressies that we had sneakily bought at the markets today and even had birthday cake!   As this dinner was also the last dinner of the tour – we gave Anant a little card/gift to show the appreciation for showing us India.     It was a fun night – but a bit sad!

dsc030631 dsc030621

Here is a group photo (note all the girls are wearing new skirts/dresses from the shopping exipidition!):


Backrow: Anant, Jeanie, Lauren, Lauren (bday girl), Magda, Suzy

Front row: Me, Sal and Bry.

Missing in action: Chantelle, Kate, Michael and oh my gosh… Ive forgotten her name!  Michaels partner!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

2 thoughts on “Farewell to the group… and happy birthday Lauren (blondie)”

    1. Thanks John… nice to hear from you. : ) Yep, india is indeed a strange place…. the trip has had lots of ups and downs – yet I am already pondering when i can come back!!! I am not sure what it is… but there is something about india that lures people back!

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