A Rajastani massage in Pushkar

While in Pushkar I had my first massage… that was a bit of a laugh.  Basically as soon as I arrived in my guesthouse the little massage man with funny eyes knocked on my door to offer his services.  I told him on that first day that maybe I’d get one later – so each day when he saw me he always asked when I was going to have my massage.  He seemed like a nice guy so on my 2nd to last day in Pushkar I had a massage.   He gave me a ‘Rajastani’ massage which was an oil massage (using advedic oils) and was pretty good.   At the end he said to me ‘Julia, I need to talk to you’  so I got dressed and he sat me down and told me I had problems with my circulation and raspatory system (he knew this from massaging me) and then promptly recommended I buy some advardic massage oil from his father.    My first thought was ‘here we go….’

First he was trying to sell me 250mls but in the end I was only conned into buying 100ml (100 rupees) of oil which basically consists of cooking oil (probably not but you never know), tomatoes seeds (crushed to make them cry) and coriander.   Personally I think it would have been better used to cook a roast than as an advardic treatment!!    It was a total waste of money and I don’t know why I didn’t put my foot down and say no.  I got to the next hotel and threw it away because I was worried about it leaking in my bag!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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