Still in Pushkar

I ended up staying in Pushkar for a lot longer than I expected… I think that is mostly because the camel fair was on and also because I really enjoyed the vibe in Pushkar.  That’s the wonderful thing about traveling by yourself, if you like a place – you can stay!

Pushkar is one of those cities in India that is distinctly Indian but also caters for tourists so it’s a really easy place to hang out.    It is a small town so you can get everywhere by foot… and the other lovely thing about pushkar is that cars are banned in the city near the lake – this really helped with the chilled out atmosphere.   The only bad thing I can say about Pushkar is that I found it really difficult to get a decent curry – they were all dummed down for the tourists and had no flavour or spice…. Yuck!

So I spent nearly a week in Pushkar, the first few days hanging out with the people on my tour group.   The rest of the time was spent wandering around, browsing at shops, chatting to people, organising the rest of my trip and taking photos of camels.

Oh so many photos of camels!

The camel fair was really interesting… at the start of the fair there was a lot of camel trading going on and towards the end it was more about the fairground and little competitions at the showground.  I checked out the turban tying competition and the moustache growing competition… both were rather amusing!

Here are some photos from Pushkar:


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