Playing Tourist in Udaipur

I had fantastic sleep which was followed by an equally fantastic (much needed) sleep in.   Had yet another cold shower (which pissed me off because I paid more to get a room with hot water because I haven’t had one in such a long time AND because I hate cold showers) and then went to have some breakfast.

While I was having breakfast I met an ozzie guy called Justin.  We easily killed a couple of hours chatting and hanging out at the restaurant and then decided that we ‘should’ go and play tourist.   We headed off and visited the City Palace and Museum via a few little shops (I bought a cheap miniature painting of an elephant, horse and camel).   The City Palace was pretty crap, this was partly because neither Justin nor I could be bothered and both of us had seen many much more impressive palaces on our travels.   

We went for walk trying to find a good spot for lunch after getting lost in the alley ways we gave into our stomachs (mine was eating its lining) and jumped in a tuk tuk… we wended up at a rather nice café called Oasis and I had yummy fresh pasta which was a bit of a treat (nice change from curry).     We went back to the breakfast hotel for ‘just one beer’ (which turned into three huge bottles of beer) and then I headed off to pack…. Time to hit the road again!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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