Heading South for some SUN!

The driver thought it was a good idea to leave at 5am to make sure I got to the airport in time for my 2.50pm flight.  WELL… that was a little bit too early – I was at the Amnebad Airport by 9.30am!   So I splashed out and hung out at the airport restaurant most of the morning trying to see how long I could make a brownie and diet coke last! 

The flight was quite nice… nothing eventful happened (which is a good thing).  We stopped off at Hyberbad for 20-30mins and I arrived in Chennai about 6pm.   This is where the day started to turn to crap.   My gut instinct was to fork out the 1000 rupees (about $30nzd) and get a taxi straight to Mallapallarum a little beach town south of Chennai.  But, the backpacker in me (there is some backpacker left in me) decided that I would stay overnight in Chennai and then get the bus in the morning.   I headed into the city which took over an hour and tried to find somewhere to sleep.   WELL…. All the good places recommended by the lonely planet were full, I found one place that looked ok but was too expensive and wasn’t value for money.    I started going from hotel to hotel and it just felt ikk….  Lots of men wearing singlets hanging around, damp smelly rooms….  It just didn’t feel safe.     A tuk tuk said he would take me to a place he knows for a 10rupee tuk tuk ride… normally I don’t bother with touts but I was getting pretty desperate so headed 15mins from where I was and found a reasonably priced room (still pricey by Indian standards) and crashed.

I had the CRAPPIEST night sleep ever…  my weary body provided a feast for a large family of mosquitos, the room was hot and stuffy (no windows) and the bathroom was the size of a tiny toilet room (but had a toilet and a shower in there).   In the morning I was so hot and sticky I was almost looking forward to a shower – however, I went loo first and when I flushed the loo water came gushing out of the big pipe…. ewww.  

So, I packed up as quickly as I could, had a baby wipe wash and got outta there!   I couldn’t be asked doing the public transport thing so hired the taxi I should have got last night and headed to Mallapalarum.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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