Seeing the OCEAN for the first time in months

On arrival to Mallapalaparum I found somewhere to stay, dumped my bags, had an actual HOT shower (blissssss) and then headed straight for the beach.    I walked right up to the see, put my toes in the water and promptly burst into tears!    Who would have known the ocean would bring on such a powerful wave of homesickness.   Oh it was so nice to see it after a couple of months of being landlocked.  I learnt today that the ocean has a strong association for me with my poppa, nanna and Whiritoa!   [Whiritoa is an amazing little beach on the Coramandle in New Zealand where I spent every Christmas holiday as a kid].   

So I sat for a while; took in the view and reflected.    My first beach experience in India was pretty weird…   there was lots of pretty fishing boats, a few people walking, lots of cows, a man trying to sell me jewellery and an odd smell.   This isn’t the type of beach that you can put down a towel and sunbathe… but it was still a fairly nice beach.

The town in Mallapalarum is tiny, there is a little tourist area with internet cafes, a real café and some restaurants.   Then there is the main town centre which looks more Indian and has some more shops, a bus station and train ticket office.  

I spent the next few days wandering around town, eating delicious seafood and chilling on the side of a pool at a flash resort (where I was not staying) working on my tan and pondering my future.    I met Sandra, a British woman based in Spain in India for a few months on a ‘healing’ trip.   It was interesting to hear about her advadic treatments and yoga sessions.

I tried to book a train ticket for the next leg of my trip (where I plan to make a bee line to Kerela before starting the yoga course in Mysore)… well…  that was a bit traumatic.  I turned up at the train ticket office to find a small dark smelly room fill of lots of men (who have not yet discovered deodorant) pushing and shoving…  as I had expected the train was fully booked.    Damn… time to move to plan B.

I went to a travel agent and looked into buses…  it would take a couple of days to get there by bus and to be honest I don’t have the energy or the time…. So I made the call to get a cheap flight from Chennai to Travandrum, then a bus to Kovalam.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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