Heading to Kerela… first stop Kovalam

After the 2nd most crappiest night sleep (I had a coffee at one of the real cafes yesterday and it kept me up till 4am, then I was woken up by a power cut which turned my fan off and made my room VERY hot) I did some last minute touristy stuff.    I’m starting to become the most pathetic tourist ever, I seem to have lost interest over the last week or so.  Anyway, I went for a walk to the beach, checked out the ‘Shore Temple’ from the outside to avoid buying a ticket, got lost and had to cut through someone’s garden to get back onto the main road (ooops) then headed towards some ruins.   I didn’t make it to the ruins but did see the lighthouse and visit another ‘Rock Temple’ for free…  there I was photographed with this Indian group  and had a few shots taken with small children on my knee.   I was starting to feel like Santa Clause so decided to leave and pack for the airport.

My second domestic flight in India was also uneventful (thankfully) and I arrived in Travandrum via Trichy early in the afternoon.   The woman I met in Mallapalarum (Sandra) had recommended a guesthouse which I found after wandering up and down the beach with my big bag.   Apart from not having any signage the guesthouse was perfect…  it was the cleanest, friendliest place I’ve stayed at yet.   The woman running it was very friendly and the rooms were large, airy and clean….  AND…. They had hot water!  Not bad for 300 rupees (about $10 nzd).

The beach in Kovalam is much nicer than Mallapalarum but is rather touristy.   Most of the tourists seem to be a lot older and there doesn’t seem to be many single travellers.    Having said that, I did meet some really cool people.      

One day while in an internet café I ended up chatting to this girl from Miami (Sasha)…  Sasha is doing teachers training at an Ashram and on her free day decided to go to Kovalam…  talking to her made me realise I made the right decision not to do an Ashram stay… its to farty farty fairy for me… not really what I am want from a yoga course at this stage.   Sasha and I got on really well and ended up spending the whole day checking out the shops and wandering along the beachfront.  We had a wonderful feed at a little shack at the end of the beach and at the end of the day we said good bye as if we had known each other for years!

Kovalam was ok, not really my cup of tea though – so I decided to head north to Varkarla to check out another beach.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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