The looooong trip to Mysore

After nearly a week of really crappy weather at an awesome beach town – I decided it was time to make the move to Mysore for the yoga course.     Feeling rather sick (a cold has been brewing over the last few days) I packed up my gear and hit the road.   Shaz and I shared a tuk tuk to the train station to find we had missed the train by a few minutes… instead of waiting for a few hours we decided to go halves in a taxi to the Travandrum bus station.  

I got to the bus station just in time to get a bus to Banglore.  So I said bye to Shaz and boarded a very posh air-conditioned bus for the 19-hour bus trip to Banglore.   Luckily I had 2 seats to myself and an airline blanket (thanks again Qantas) to keep me warm.

I arrived in Banglore and then got a 2nd bus to Mysore.  This trip was only 3 hours but by the time I arrived I was feeling rather ill and extremely tired.     I looked at a few rough hotels (noisy, damp and cold) and then decided to treat myself to a poshish room for $30nzd a night.   Just as well I did – my plans of checking out Mysore went out the window… I spent the next few days fighting a fever, sleeping and coughing my lungs out.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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