An update…

As you can see below I have finally updated the blog…  I’m still behind but I have some free time in the next couple of days as my yoga course doesn’t start until the 3rd Dec – so I will plonk my arse in an internet café and finish updating it!   In the meantime you can read about my travels around Rajasthan.

I’ve been pretty crook in the last week as my cold turned into a chest infection – thank goodness I packed antibiotics and have discovered the Herbal Himalaya range… so I am throwing western meds with the traditional stuff and am hoping for a speedy recovery!   I guess this is my body adjusting from constant sunshine to constant greyness and humidity (sigh).

In fact I was feeling so rotton earlier this week I was pondering leaving India asap, flagging the yoga course and spending more time in Thailand… however when I was trying to make a decision terrorists were shooting up Mumbai and protesters had closed the airports in Bangkok.   Given my flight is from Mumbai to Bangkok I figured this is a sign I should stay in India for the month and do the yoga course!    So that is the plan!   I have arrived in Mysore where I will stay for a whole month studying yoga for 3 hours a day and chanting for 1 hour a day (I am not sure about this chanting thing).   The yoga school has organised accommodation for the month (a small apartment) and I am looking forward to a break from travelling.

Seriously though – it’s a scary world we live in… Im really concerned about India being such a threat for terrorism, not for myself (I feel really safe here) but for the sake of the country.   I also am hoping that Thailand can sort out its political problems peacefully… Its looking like it could get very messy, I really really really hope it doesn’t. 

Ok – that’s it from me…  Missing everyone lots and lots and am really looking forward to my permanent return to New Zealand!   : )

Xxxx   Julia


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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