My first Ardvardic Massage

While I was at the beauty parlour I figured it would be a good idea to have an Advardic massage to loosen up before my first yoga class.  This was my first Advadic massage and I must confess it was a rather traumatic experience.     The massage was done in a little ‘room’ off the side of the beauty parlour.  The little massage ‘room’ wasn’t even a room, it was separated from the main area of the beauty parlour by a net curtain…. yes, a net curtain – not a real curtain.  
I was told to strip off and lie down on a massage table.  The massage table had no towel and I wasn’t allowed to keep my undies on, they didn’t even give me any disposable undies….  I wasn’t feeling very comfortable about this at all so the woman gave me a little towel to cover myself.   As soon as I lay down she promptly took it away while giggling at my obvious discomfort.   Sigh.    ‘Oh well…’ I thought, ‘…this is a good time not to be a prude.  Build a bridge and get over it!’.   So I tried to relax (as much as I could) and enjoy the massage.

I didn’t enjoy the massage at all…  she burnt my leg with the hot oil, the massage wasn’t as deep as I like it and I ended up very very oily.    I did, however, think may have been good preparation for child birth…. you know having to show your bits to strangers, no sense of space/privacy.

At the end of the massage she proceeded to towel me off with a hot steamy flannels (nb: hot = burning) and wiped me down.   I tell ya, it was plain weird.   I couldn’t decide if I felt like an old person at an old folks home or a baby – either way, it was weird having someone else wiping me down.    THEN… she told me to get up and tried to towel me dry.  I told her to go away…. ‘I can handle it, thank you very much’.    

So that was my first adavardic experience… I think it would have been ok had there been some privacy or some sort of a relaxing atmosphere.     Where is my wonderful Wellington Masseuse (Jay) when I need him!!!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

3 thoughts on “My first Ardvardic Massage”

  1. Er… so the correct spelling is ‘Ayurvedic’ – not going to fix previous entries but will try and spell it properly in the future! : )

  2. Hi Julia,
    I love reading about your adventures from my snowy home in Washington state.
    And I love “Ardvardic”. Seriously, thank you! I think Aardvarks could use a little limbering up.

    Kit – yoga instructor and hypnotist

    1. He he… Yeah, I still can’t get over how badly I miss spelt Ayurvedic! It still makes me giggle.
      THanks for your comments, its really nice to hear from people reading my blog…. sometimes readers pop up in the most suprising places!
      Have a wonderful day

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