The first day of Yoga school

I had my first day of yoga school today…  WOW…   It going to be a full on month.    Vinnay (my teacher) is letting me take it easy for my first week so I get lots of time in the class to rest – just as well, the class is really really hard!      I think I coped pretty well on the first day given I was still coughing and found it difficult to breathe (breathing is the most important thing in yoga).

My thoughts after the first day were…. ‘holy crap, what the heck have I signed up for’ and ‘wow, I’m excited about the progress I should make over the next month’ back to ‘holy crap’!     

Everyone I have met so far are really sore and tired, most of them having been on the course for 3-4 weeks already and are advanced yogis…. So I think my predictions of being sore in Mysore are true.   It seems I have signed up for the most advanced, difficult course in Mysore!!!     Oh well… I am just grateful I spent 3 months while in NZ getting fitter and stronger so while I am not in great shape (travelling has made me soft) at least I am fairly fit.   

It looks like I am the only real beginner (I have dabbled in yoga but have neve gone to regular classes) and most of the people I am studying with have studied yoga for a long time and are quite advanced… they can do some cool tricks!   But this isn’t a problem because I’ve got to start somewhere and Vinnay is an awesome teacher – he manages to run the classes so they are appropriate for everyone even though we are at different levels.

So – This is what my days will look like for December:
Mornings: leave home about 7am, do a 1 ½ hour yoga class, 1 hour (I think) of Pranayama (breathing/meditation exercises), 30-40 mins of chanting.

I usually get home around noon, get something to eat (I am usually STARVING at this stage because you aren’t supposed to eat before yoga), do a job or two (i.e., internet, washing or shopping), rest, read, have a nap and then get ready for the afternoon yoga class.

Around 5pm I leave for my 2nd yoga class (back bending) which is also 1 ½ hours.  We do some warm up Vinyasas (I think that is what they are called) and then do lots of other moves that are aimed to increase the flexibility of our backs (or for me, flexibility of everything).   It’s a little less intense than the morning class and is a lot of fun.     

I will get Saturdays off and the full moon days will be slightly different (I think we do medititation and pramyama instead of  yoga – not 100% sure).   On Saturdays we don’t have yoga but have a chanting session in the evening.
So… its pretty full on, but I am really pleased with my choice of yoga course.  Its more physical than spiritual and that I what I am more interested in.  The Pranayama (sitting and concentrating on breathing for an hour) is going to be interesting…  and the singing… yeah, well that will be a challenge!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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