Saturday = Free Day!

Ok, so it is not a full day off… as we have a Bhanjan (chanting) sessions on Saturday evenings but today was a yoga free day.    I had a semi-sleep in…  was woken by the mosque about 5am/5.30am, dozed for a bit and eventually got up about 7.30am.      I see my definition of a sleep in has changed already!

Today was a day of chores…  I tried to clean my little flat, did washing, had a huge breakfast of porridge (cause I could) and went into town.  I discovered the Mysore market, which is VERY cool… lots of really yummy looking fruit and veg (tourist prices though).  I bought a mat to cover my yoga mat for back bending (the yoga mat gets slippery due to all the sweat and makes it hard to do some of the moves – eww), some books and fixed my glasses for the 2nd time (they got stood on and now the screw keeps falling out).  

I didn’t do anything that exciting today… I had planned on doing a blog mission but I just couldn’t face spending the day in a stuffy internet café!     It was nice not having to do yoga or pranyama – my body was pretty chuffed about getting a rest!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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