I survived my first week!!!

Hooooray, I survived my first week!   I am so chuffed.

I am really enjoying the course, it’s a challenge and it is very tiring but its fun.    The morning classes pretty tough and I know they are about to get tougher as each day Vinnay gets me to do more and more (the bonus of being a beginner is you get to rest more than the others).  

I am finding the back bending classes less tough and heaps of fun (a few of us think of them as ‘play time’).     I am not doing any super impressive moves yet but I hope I might get to try some before I finish the course.   I am feeling a lot stronger though and my hips are starting to loosen up. 

It seems I am flexible backwards but not at all front wise… I still cant touch my feet which is getting really really frustrating (and painful). The new ‘cool move’ for me has been getting up into a shoulder stand.  I am getting good at the ‘single arm camel’ (I even find it relaxing) and I can do a ‘bow thingie’ (where you are on your back and go up on your hands/feet arching your back) and hold it.

My hamstrings are still stupidly tight, but Vinnay seems to think that it’s a good thing (something about me having stretched them and having to wait for them to relax again).   One leg has improved in the last day or so, so maybe he is right….  It’s so frustrating… I just want to be able to touch my feet again!    I can’t wait to have a massage – I reckon that will sort them out (I was advised against it until I’ve been doing the yoga for over a week… grrrrrr).   Ive booked on for Moon Day (Friday)…. Not long to go now! 

No other news…. Life has been consisting of yoga, breathing class, chanting, eating, resting, sleeping and doing little missions each day.   I can’t believe I was worried about being bored – there is no time to be bored!    And if I do have the time – there is no energy!!!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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