Moon Day

 Nope, its not a typo…  its not Monday but Moon Day today!  Moon Day is a special day for us, it’s a day where the moons energy is too strong or weak depending on if it’s a full moon or a new moon – this energy in-balance means that its not a good day to practice yoga asanas.    We were supposed to go to class at 7am anyway to do Pranyama and then deep relaxation and chanting… BUT… I was feeling really tired so had a sleep in and got a head start on my chores.     

The morning went very quickly….  I did my chores in my little flat, a few bucket loads of laundry and then went for my first massage with Paramesh.  Paramesh has a pretty good reputation for his Ayurvedic massages which are tailored to suit very sore yoga students…. So after my previous (rather traumatic) massage it was an easy choice to go see Paramesh following the recommendation of my new yoga buddies.    

This massage was (as expected) A LOT better than the last one.  It was cheaper (only 700 rupees, about $20-25nzd) and longer (I think it lasted nearly 2hrs) and I got to keep my undies on!!   : )   He was magic at finding all my known sore spots, some spots I didn’t realise were sore (until he massaged them) and he fixed my shoulder which has been bugging me all week in a single session.    Parts of the massage were a bit weird  ie, having my hair all oiled up, the head massage at the end and the little prayer he mumbled under his breath…. But on the whole it was WONDERFUL.         

I was supposed to rest after my massage but I had too much to do… so I baked in the sun for a while (probably not a good idea given I was covered in oil), had a HOT shower and then headed into town with Gia.    We picked up her new glasses (mine aren’t ready yet), looked in a few shops and then headed for Chamundi Hill.

Chamundi Hill is the hill we can see from our little apartment – this is something I didn’t realise until Gia pointed it out…. Hmmm… I must need the new glasses more than I thought I did!     There is a temple at the top of the hill and pilgrims are supposed to walk the 1000 steps to the temple…. seeing as we mucked around in town so long we decided to get an auto rickshaw to the top and walk down.   

The temple was quite busy so we decided not to go in; instead we wandered around, took some photos, had a fresh coconut and then started walking down the 1000 steps to the bottom of the hill.    Halfway down (or 1/3) we came across a giant bull… not a real one, a statue of Shivas bull vehicle Nandi  – according to the lonely planet this bull is 5meters high and was carved from stone in 1659.  Interesting.

Once we got to the bottom it was getting a bit dark so we got in an Auto and headed back into town to have a feed on one of the rooftop restaurants with Magdalena who had been on a last minute shopping/tailor mission (she leaves for the UK next week).

Here are some photos from the day:


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