This is turning out to be one loooooong week!

Still not feeling so flash… my tummy feels bruised and I was very close to vomiting in class today.   I did Pranyama and felt a lot better.   Chanting sucked though….  By the time I go for chanting I am sooooo hungry.   We don’t get out till 11.30/11.45am and that is WAY to long for me to wait for breakfast.     I normally have a sneaky nibble on some nuts but its just not cutting it.  

I made the mistake of not having a sleep during the day so my afternoon/evening class wasn’t as enjoyable as it could be.     Having said that I did had some fun on my back bend…  it was funny… I’m really bad at remembering the positions…. This is how the conversation went:

Vinnay – ‘OK – do the the back bend’
Me – ‘Which one is is that?   Is it the one where I bend my back?
Vinnay – ‘Um… yeah’  (giving me a puzzled look)

Then I instantly remembered which one he was talking about….     it was a funny conversation to have in a back bending class when almost all of the positions involve some kind of back bending!

Anyway, this one has me on my knees, hands on my waist and bending my back back towards my toes… the trick is to try and look for the end of your mat.   I managed to see the last 1/5th of my mat… not bad for my 2nd go at it.    I am so grateful I have a bendy back… its making my introduction to yoga so much less frustrating (balances out not having bendy hips/legs).


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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