Hooray its FRIDAY!

Hey hey its FRIDAY!!      I have always loved Fridays and while most of the days of the week merge into one when you are travelling (or on an intensive yoga course)… at the moment Fridays feel like FRIDAYS….  

Anyway – I had a crap nights sleep… woke up with a sore tummy, woke up because of the rain (because its so unusual), woke up because I was cold, woke up because I was thirsty…    yeah… you get the picture.

I took an anti-nausea tablet before class because I really wanted to get through it without feeling the need to vomit.    This was probably a mistake… I don’t know if it was the tablet, my fragile body or the fact that I was hungry but I felt dizzy during the sun salutations and could only patch together a half arsed yoga class.     This bought on some sneaky tears of frustration and I got sent home for a sleep and so missed Pranyama (which I am starting to enjoy) and chanting (hooray).

During my ‘rests’ between yoga moves I came to the conclusion I am not eating enough!   What a silly girl… it is so simple.    Two meals and a few small snacks per day does not cut it for me during a normal day let alone one where I am doing two very difficult yoga classes!     I think I am also doing too many jobs during the day….  I have been skipping the occasional afternoon sleep because I am running out of time.

SO….  I am going to make a better effort to eat and rest more.    I think I will drop out of the chanting class, this means I can have an Idly on the way home at 11am, have a proper feed at 1pm (lunch) and if I need to I can have some fruit at 3pm.   Then after evening back bending class I will have a 2nd proper feed at the Mahesh (curry and rice).    I think this will make a big difference to my energy levels.   

I don’t really enjoy chanting anymore anyway… it was fun for a while but now it is getting a bit boring…. I’d rather have an idly!     : )


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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