The beginning of a new week..

Fridays may feel like Fridays when you are doing Vinnay’s intensive yoga course – but Sundays feel suspiciously like Mondays!    

I think that Sundays might be the hardest day of the week… after a days rest (and a massage) my body was so stiff today!   BUT… today was a good yoga day,and a great start to the week.  I got to do the whole sequence including all the vinyasas (sp?).  This basically means I did 1hr 45 of continuous yoga and I tried out some new moves including a headstand!      

My headstand is definitely a beginners headstand (because it was my first one) but I’m looking forward to working on it during the next 4 weeks.    Im act, there are quite a few positions I am still learning so I get to the do the beginner version, but I am definitely making progress!    

Yep that’s right, Ive got another 4 weeks left…  I’ve decided to extend my yoga course and do an extra 2 weeks…   : )      I figure the first 2 weeks were to warm up my body and get it used to yoga, the next 4 weeks is to really get into the yoga and make some serious progress!     I am hoping in 6 weeks I will be able to develop some good yoga habits and continue to practice it well on my own (and in a class in NZ).

Other non-yoga news…
I had my boob grabbed at while I was walking to the internet café the other day!   Some little brat on a bike started riding slowly towards me and when I steped aside he grabbed my right boob!    I was furious… I grabbed his wrist and yelled at him…  didn’t manage to make him fall off his bike though.    Little  shite.   I cant believe it…  it wasn’t as if I was dressed like a western hussy… I was wearing a polar fleece that is too big for me! 
Er…  I just realized it is Christmas this Thursday!   Wow… where did the year go|!|!   This year is a bit of a ‘non-christmas’ for me…   but that’s cool…    I am sure the yoga group will think of something a bit special and we will end up having an ‘orphans non-christmas’!
Ok – I better go… get ready for back bending class.. if I am not careful I will be late!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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