Terrific Tuesday – getting the giggles and hanging out with animals

Ok, so now the blog is FINALLY up to date I figured its best i make a good effort to keep it that way.  Especially now I have stopped writing in my travel journal.    This morning Jennifer and I declared it Terrific Tuesday… and by golly, so far it is a great continuation of my awesome week of yoga.  Its amazing what a positive mindset can do!

Class this morning was (as usual) very hard.   Sundays are a led class so Vinnay tells us exactly what to do and when, usually its quite fast – and is pretty hard going.  I like the led classes because that this stage I haven’t memorised all the moves.     Mondays are not led, we have a book to follow and can ask for help….  this is a bit nicer because we can take our time when needed.    So I did the whole kibosh (minus a few tricky moves) and made a 2nd attempt at the headstand.    My headstand wasn’t great today because I freaked out…. tomorrow I need to be more calm and trust my body (and Vinnay who is helping me).

Pranayama was great today…   I m really starting to get the hang of being still, quiet and concentrating on breathing..  Dont get me wrong, I still have a LONG way to go… but at the start of the course I thought it was all mumbo jumbo… now I can see the benefits of it.  This is big progress.    

The only problem with Pranyama today was the bit at the end where I was allowed to relax (in the sitting lotus position) and be conscious of my thoughts.   My thoughts at the end of pranyama are usually about how hungry I am, but today I wasn’t that hungry and I didn’t really have much going on in my mind… so my thoughts were about how little I had to think about.    For some reason I thought this was quite funny – and then things went from bad to worse!

I tell ya, it is very hard to control a giggling episode in a totally silent (and serious) class.   Things got worse when I started thinking the situation reminded me a lot of school  [I got told off a lot in school for giggling]…. and I thought was funny too ….   then it was all over!    I gave up on sitting and tried to do Shivasana (sp?) the position where you lie down and pretend to be a corpse (relaxing your whole body) but the giggles had well and truly taken over by then and I even found the corpse position was funny!    So I put a towel over my head, smiled away like a mad woman and tried to concentrate on breathing again….   Usually I love Shivasana but this time I was very relived when it was time to come up for prayer!
Today I had to visit the travel again to sort my airline ticket out (its turning out to be a long drawn out process), so Jennifer and I went for a mission.  We went to the travel agent, the gas cooker fix it man (mine broke last night) and then to the Mandela for lunch.     We thought it was rather amusing while going to all these places (all within one block) we saw a cow, a few chickens, petted a rabbit, a dog (Dalmatian) and a sheep/ram AND I had a cat (and several fleas) sitting on my knee while drinking my tea!   Man I love India… its a crazy place where the animals live quite contentedly in the city!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

2 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday – getting the giggles and hanging out with animals”

  1. like when we were kids and got the giggles in church and no matter what u do u cant stop and the whole pew shakes and everyone knooowws… and looks!

  2. yep – luckily I dont do yoga on a pew! My give away was the little snort that ‘fell out’ while supressing the giggles…. And, as you know, I find snorts very funny – so the snort just made the whole situation worse!

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