So much for terrific Tuesday…

In my excitement of yesterday I didn’t realise that it was MONDAY and not Tuesday.   So I pre-empted a terrific Tuesday and its turned out to be a rather average (to below average) Tuesday!!!   In fact… I almost went as far as calling it Terrible Tuesday – but in reality, its not really that bad… so I will just stick to ‘Tuesday’.  

The bad news about today…  my guts are a mess and this meant I needed to make an ‘emergency loo stop’ in the middle of my yoga class this morning.   The yoga class sucked because I was tired, grumpy and feeling sick.    Also my left nostril is more blocked than usual today – so that combined with yesterdays mild asthma attack made Pranyama near impossible.   Sigh….

But its ok – you’ve got to have the bad days to appreciate the good ones!

Ive had a big sleep but I am still lacking energy… will get another coconut and then go home for a nap before my afternoon back bending class (which I will take very easy).

THE GOOD NEWS for today:   
I had a consultation with an Auyrvardic doctor this afternoon who does cooking classes.  I will be seeing her 3x a week for personalised cooking classes…. She is going to teach me how to make nice healthy food which will be good for my (rather annoying) digestive system.   YAY – I am looking forward to that.

Also….   I bought myself a SOFT pillow for Christmas…  I’ve been sleeping on a brick and Im really really really looking forward to sleeping on a nice soft pillow.    With a bit of luck I might even sleep through the whole night – now that would be a treat!   : )


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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