A frustrating yoga class followed by my first cooking class

So…. Terrible Tuesday wasn’t that terrible at all in the end.     Although I was still feeling pretty jaded  I went to the evening back bending class and did ok.    I managed to do my very first drop back (with help from Vinnay of course). ..  a drop back is when you are on your knees, you bend backwards and put your hands out then lean/fall back into them.     It was pretty exciting stuff (for me) and a good way to finish a pretty rough day.

Even though the Ayurvedic doctor told me not to eat food while having the trots I decided to go to the Mahesh after class and have a ‘gentle’ curry and rice.      There is no way I can not eat and still practice the yoga – Vinnay has advised me that even if I am feeling crap it is best to attempt to do an easy/relaxed practice instead of skipping a class.   I think its pretty good advice as often I start out feeling crap but the yoga makes me feel much better.  

Sometimes though (like today) – I start feeling crap and feel crappier and crappier through out the practice.   Yep…  This mornings practice was yet another frustrating affair…  I started feeling crap and it got worse during the yoga session.    I was feeling weak and dizzy and my guts were making a fuss.    This made me really frustrated and brought on some tears…   it seems my inner body isn’t keeping up with the changes that are happening on my outer body….  I need patience, nourishing food and rest.    So I skipped Pranyama,  ate 2x coconuts on the way home and the crashed!    After some food and a big sleep I felt a lot better….  Just as well really as I had to go to my first cooking class at 12.30.

The cooking class was cool…  Ive booked them through the Mandella (a yoga place near my flat) and am being taught by an Auyvedic doctor.   She is really lovely and the lesson went well.    We made Dahl (a lental soup), cooked vegetables, a yummy lentil salad and some digestive broth.       Ive got another lesson tomorrow as we decided to cram them in while we both have time – this will be good to get my confidence up in the kitchen.

Pillow update:  Holy crap the soft pillow is LOVELY….  It’s amazing how it is the little things in life that bring me happiness now – it’s a shame that I know this wont last when I get sucked back in the real world.   Anyway, when I went to bed last night it was a nice surprise to have my head engulfed by the softness and loveliness of my new pillow (opposed to the hard brick that was my old pillow).    As soon as my head hit the pillow a big smile spread across my face….    aaahhhh….. bliss. 
Its Christmas tomorrow…  I think it will be just another day in India…  im going out to a yogi’s house for a little party tonight so that will be fun – but it wont be a big one because sleeeeeeep is much needed if I am to survive this week!     Tomorrow I have yoga classes and a cooking class…  I think it will be a busy day, hopefully I will find someway to make it a little bit christmasy (ie, put snoopys Christmas on repeat on my ipod and play it all day!  Man I love that ‘carol’).


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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