Today was pretty much just another day for me.    Last night we had some nibbles and drinks at Charlie and Jan’s house which was nice and felt rather festive.    Today however it was business as usual.

Yoga this morning was pretty good – I was feeling ik but worked through it and ended up having a pretty good practice and made it to the end without any dramas.   I even attempted a half headstand again (this time with Charlies help)….  The headstand isn’t coming easily but that’s cool, something to work on before I leave Mysore.  : )

After the morning yoga session I had pranyama – it wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t terrible.  My nose is still blocked (left nostril) and I really need to have it looked into…  I’ve been doing a netty (where you wash your nose out with a little watering can) but it hasn’t really helped much.   Will try and see a doctor this week just to see what is going on.

After pranyama Gia, Rithu and I went for coconuts from our usual coconut guy and then had some Christmas idlys at the Mahesh (Christmas idlys are idlys eaten on Christmas day, there isn’t actually anything special about them!).   So it wasn’t quite the champagne breakfast I had last year but it was acceptable!     After that I had a power nap (10mins) and then went to my cooking class.     

The cooking class went well… we made Chana Masala (Chickpea curry), Aloo Palak (spinach/potato curry), a yuckie veggie soup and some lemon rice.  My favourite recipe is the lemon rice… I will definitely attempt to make that one again.

THEN after cooking I had about 1hr to potter in my little flat before going to the evening back bending class.   Back bending was good (it always is)….  I managed to do a drop back on my knees (with vinnays help) and then reach back and grab my toes.   It was kind of funny because my toes gave me a fright (they were a lot closer than I expected) so I let out a big ‘oh shite’ in the middle of class…  ooops, probably not a kosher think to yelp in a yoga class!

After our class a group of us went to The Mahesh for Gias last meal (she is leaving tomorrow) and Christmas dinner.  I had a spinach curry and rice, fresh grape juice – and for desert we had cake which was our Christmas treat….   Very lovely but not remotely christmasy!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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