A conversation with my 3rd eye

I am happy to  report that my Pranayama practice is still improving.    I can now sit for the whole time without needing to move my legs AND I no longer get shooting pains up my back – this is quite an achievement given only 3 weeks ago I wanted to lie down every few mins for a rest!    : )     

I am also amazed at how I can slow my mind right down and just think about the sitting and breathing – those who know me well will know that my mind generally works ‘a million miles an hour’ often at VERY random tangents.      I am now able to calm my mind to the point that when we are supposed to observe our thoughts at the end of Pranayama I can only think about how I have nothing to think about or about how boring my thoughts are (ie if they are about breakfast plans).

So today in an attempt to trigger some more interesting thoughts I decided to look hard at (or with?) my 3rd eye – this is where you look at the gap between your eyebrows with your eyes closed.     I find this sometimes stretches my eyes and causes images to appear in the darkness of having my eyes closed – this in turn often leads to interesting thoughts.  

Today however…  while thinking about consulting my 3rd eye for some interesting thoughts I thought the concept was hilarious – this led to a round of the giggles…. the next 5 mins were spent consentrating (once again) on not laughing in class.     

In conclusion I decided that it might not be such a great idea to consult my 3rd eye for more interesting thoughts – I guess I will have to stick to thinking about not thinking about anything interesting.

Speaking of the 3rd eye…  I am supposed to be looking at (or with) it during the whole practice… this is something I haven’t been doing, I tend to close my eyes and look down.   I really ought to start to concentrate harder  on looking at (or with) my 3rd eye.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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