Oops – I spoke too soon!

Hmmm… It seems I spoke to soon about the Pranyama.     Today I had a shocking Pranyama session…  my mind was ok for the first 15 mins and then it was all over the place.    THEN…. When doing one of the rounds of breathing I got the giggles.   I was busy trying to suppress my giggles and Vinnay (my teacher) saw that I was not concentrating and decided to remind the class that we should be concentrating hard.   I opened my eyes and he was smiling at me…    that was it – the giggles would not go away… I tried so hard but had to abandon my practice!       I tell ya – I am really lucky that Vinnay has a sense of humor and seemed to be amused by my inability to concentrate!

The good news is…  I had a cracking yoga class today.   I really enjoyed it…. I can’t explain why it went well, it just did.    I think things are starting to come together now.   Yay!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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