Time is ticking…

Well… time is sneakily ticking a long… I only realized yesterday that I have LESS than 2 weeks left AND to make things worse (kind of) we have a moon day on Sunday which means no yoga on Sunday as well as Saturday!   Usually I would be happy about this but with only 9 yoga days (includiong today) left… I could do with the extra day!

News on the body front… Ive been noticing my muscles are coming back, it seems they went on holiday when I was traveling around the north.   My hips seem to have moved as well – this is good news (they were uneven and one was tighter than the other) but in the process I have pulled a muscle which is causing pain.    This means I cant do the full yoga series at the moment… : (    With only 9 days to go this is ‘rather annoying’.    

My reaction to the pulled muscle has been pretty good though…  possibly a sign of a more chilled out Julia?!?    Earlier when my yoga was being restricted by always feeling sick and dizzy in class I got really frustrated and angry (to the point of tears).   At the moment I am occasionally feeling annoyed that I can not practice my yoga properly, but on the whole I seem to be a lot more patient with my body.

In fact, I think generally I am a bit more chilled out than when I arrived in Mysore.  This is something my masseuse commented on the other day….he said my energy is a lot more settled than it was.   I wonder how long that will last?!?  I will have to make a real effort not to let life back in the rat race put me out of balance.    

No other news really, same old – same old.    The kid in the internet café has just cranked up some annoying sounds so I am going to go home for a big bowl of post yoga porridge!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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