The pretty blue S.K.D

Oh my goodness, you will not belive what happened today.   Jennifer and I were wandering down Deveraja Road on a mission to pick up my contacts and I saw a really pretty swazzi thing (aka Salwar Kamaeze Departa or S.K.D for short) in a shop window.    I was so drawn to the S.K.D that I had to try it on.    This is amazing, I swore I’d never wear one of these things (in fact I scoffed at the idea in Sept)…  But, alsas…because it matched the earings I was wearing (it was a sign) and because it was SO pretty I just had to buy it!   

Typical… the week I leave India I finally open my mind to the possibility of the S.K.D!  

Anyway, we rocked up to bajans (chanting) and I was wearing my new contacts, the pretty bracelet I bought in varkarla, the pretty earings I bought in Rajastan and of course my brand new (also pretty) Swazi thingie (the SKD).   I personally thought it was hilarious…  Me dressed up as an Indian girl.   BUT… in defence of the S.K.D it was very comfortable and I felt pretty for the first time in months.    

So, it seems the novelty of being a smelly backpacker is wearing off, I believe I am starting to make a [slightly skewed] transition back into the western world!     




Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

7 thoughts on “The pretty blue S.K.D”

  1. Hi there my girl!
    I’m at work, procrastinating getting back to it after lunch. So, thought I’d say hi and give you a big kiss for save travel home. Can’t wait!

    x x
    x x
    x x
    x x
    x x
    x x
    x x
    x x
    x x
    x x

    How’s that for a big kiss?!
    Love ya, Clare

  2. Hey Jules, The very bendy yogafied Jules. Hope all is well there. realised I hadn’t heard from you in ages. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Happy New Year and all that. Spent ours in Welli which was great!!
    Lotsa Love

  3. Hmm… I seem to have lost a memory stick… no pretty blue SKD photos. Oh well, one day I might wear it to a dress up type party in NZ and will take a photo then!

  4. You look good in the S.K.D.. which – if i may correct – should mean Salwar Kameez Dupatta. 🙂 “Dupatta” is the long piece of cloth you have hanging by the neck. My sister is a big fan of S.K.D.’s – hence the knowledge. 😀

    1. Thanks Rohit… yep, you may correct me.. Salwar Kameez Dupatta it is. I am shocking, when I cant pronounce something its even harder for me to remember the word and then spell it! 🙂 Hope you are well, Cheers Julia.

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