The travelling kiwi ‘settles’ for a while (Mar – Dec 2009 in NZ)

I am home. Happy at home. It’s GREAT. I get the feeling my friends have setup a couple of sweepstakes… how long will it last? I don’t know… my gut instinct is that I will be here at least a couple of years.

So – what have I been up to in NZ? Well, just living the in the rat race really.

I got my old job back; I’m working with the same bunch of really cool people as last time and have been working on some pretty cool projects. I also got my old flat back and am living with some really cool people. I even joined my old gym. I’ve been hanging out with the same people…. it seems everyone has moved on and changed a little bit – but it is almost as if I had never left!!

The main point of difference between now and then is the yoga… I am slowly easing myself into the Wellington yoga scene. It took several months but of after a bit of a yoga crawl I finally found a great studio in Wellington to practice (Yoga Unlimited on Tory St). I’ve spent the last couple of months practicing there, the teachers are GREAT… I love it.

The other thing I did this year was study… I started a postgrad somethingaratha in Information Systems through the open university in the UK. That was a bit challenging on my time management skills (or lack thereof) but well worthwhile. I really enjoyed the studies (more so when they were finished) as they kept me busy and focused on the now (opposed to having my head in the clouds scheming future trips abroad).

So – I’ve been keeping myself busy and have been enjoying being back home. No big trips planned (yet) although I do have my first overseas ‘normal persons’ holiday planned. Yep – I haven’t been home a year and I am heading back to INDIA! I am going back to Mysore for 4 weeks of Pranavashya yoga with Vinay Kumar and then will have a few days of R&R at the beach in Goa before heading back to NZ for another year (or two) of wonderful Wellington!

So – that is where I am at. I am heading to India on 17th December until 23rd January – I can’t wait! I will update the blog again to record my travels in India and the 2nd round of yoga in Mysore. Watch this space!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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