Almost time to step out of the rat race!

It’s almost time to step back and remove myself from the rat race…. almost, but not quite yet.

In the next 2 days I have quite a bit to do – I need to finish about a weeks worth of work, get out of jury service, buy some summer clothes, get my visa (oops left that a bit late) and some USDs, have an x-ray and MRI (hip still sore), have a massage, have dinner with the family, call my mum and get my eyebrows threaded. Sort out Christmas presents. I need to check the driver is going to pick me up from the airport, pay the bills and do my washing, pack my bags and GO! Geeze – I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.

Craziness! How did my life get so chaotic?!?

I’m really looking forward to the trip though… the plan is to go straight to Mysore from the airport (a 3hr drive), stay at a posh hotel and get some much needed sleep. I will spend a day chilling by the pool, will visit my teacher, catch up with friends and sort out somewhere to live.

After a few days at the hotel I will move into a suburb called Lakshmipurum, I hope I will stay at the same place as last time (see photos here). Then as of Sunday I will be participating in what can only be described as 4 weeks of yoga bootcamp. It doesn’t seem as scary this time because I know what to expect, but perhaps that makes me complacent about what is in store for me. Oh well, what will be will be. I think it’s going to be a very interesting, challenging and rewarding 4 weeks.

After Mysore I think I will need some real R&R; so the plan is to head to Goa for a few days of sun, sea and chill out (REST) before flying back to New Zealand in time for some real summer weather!

So… 3 sleeps to go! Watch this space. 🙂


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

One thought on “Almost time to step out of the rat race!”

  1. heya sis wow you’re on the road again! have an awesome time! merry xmas for over there too, hopefully bump into ya on skype over the next few days!?! i’m gonna be in st lucia so looks like we’re both somewhere warm for xmas! things good here in england, snow mayhem, my first time surrounded by snow when not on a mountain. super cool! anyways the good news is that we should be able to catch ya for a few hours when ya get back, plans aren’t 100% firmed up yet but doing my best to make sure we cross parks for a few hours at least!

    anyways stay safe and love you lots, have fun and keep us posted on your adventures as always!

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