The long journey to Mysore

As predicted, the night before my trip I was up till 2am packing getting ready to go. The flight to India was long and fairly uneventful. I wasn’t late (for once) to the airport and I even managed to buy a bikini and some gifts in Auckland before my international flight. Ah, nothing like leaving everything to the last minute!

The flight to Singapore was long but I managed to get moved up to the emergency exit because they had allocated me a non reclining seat which was a disaster for the sore hip, so I ended up having plenty of leg room! I had about 30 minutes in Singapore to get my connecting flight to Bangalore and managed to get a new camera in this time (my old one broke). Talk about power shopping, I was very decisive and picked out the new camera within 3 minutes.

From Singapore I boarded the flight to Bangalore – the kid in front of me was proudly telling his dad in English that all the flights to India ‘always have only Indians on it’. I coughed loudly. But the kid was nearly right; I could count the number of foreigners on the flight on one hand. At this stage, while queuing to board the flight I started to get very excited about my holiday.

I arrived in Bangalore at about 10pm and had arranged a driver to pick me up and take me straight to Mysore. This was a very good idea in theory, but in hindsight it probably would have been better to stay in Bangalore the night. The driver clearly needed some caffeine, he was tired so his driving was erratic and rather scary, he either drove very slowly (30km/hr on a highway) or very fast (110km/hr dodging trucks that were travelling around 70km/hr). I was also tired so kept dozing off… every time I woke up it looked like we were about to crash. Needless to say, it was quite a stressful 3.5 hour drive!

Anyway, I got to Msyore in once piece so I can’t really complain. The hotel was great, they checked me in around 2am and over 24hours since I left New Zealand I got to go to bed in a reasonably comfortable bed…. biss.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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