The first few days in Mysore

My 1st day in India I had to get things done. I sorted out my accommodation for the month, met with my teacher, caught up with friends from last year and soaked in the Indian-ness of Mysore. It was fun zipping around in the autos (tuk tuk) watching life in India with fresh eyes. I love city life here, it is so crazy – cows wandering in the middle of the street, crazy traffic, trash all over the place, plenty of pollution and people just going about their daily lives. There is lots of colour, there is chaos and there is order. It is great. I love India.

On my first night I had a pre-yoga massage. I went to see Paramesh and he managed to clear away the jetlag in one session of painful pummeling. It wasn’t quite the relaxing massage I had hoped for, but it was effective! I guess at $25 nzd for 2hrs you cant really complain.

My 2nd day was more chilled out, my friend Gia came over and we spend the day lazing by the pool. It was LOVELY.

Then I moved into my little studio ‘apartment’. I am living next door to where I was last year, it’s simple but nice… at $125nzd a month, it will definitely do.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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