The end of my 1st week of yoga classes

I can’t believe it; the week has passed so quickly! I have already finished my first week of the course. It’s been a great week.

The start of the course was a bit rough as the hip was quite painful for a few days as we tested what I can and can’t do. Then towards the end of the week it started to come right and now I can do a lot more with it than before. What a relief! I was really worried I would get over here and not be able to do much at all. Phew. It is still a bit iffy and it’s very clicky but it doesn’t hurt half as much as it used to, hopefully as I get my strength back it will continue to get better.

The best news is the preparation I did before the trip was well and truly worth it, except for the hip injury and my flat feet growing some arches – my body isn’t hurting much at all. This is a huge contrast to last year when I felt like I had been hit by a truck (check out blog entries 3rd Dec 2008 until 15th Jan 2009 for the gory details). My flexibility is coming back fairly quickly too. This week I was able to get my chest on my thighs for a forward bend, get my chin on the floor in something-aratha-asana (this is a first for me) and I even managed to do a drop back on my knees. It really has been a great first week.

The Pranyama this year is just as challenging as it was last year… I think I have a bit of a mental block I need to break through. I am able to sit for 40mins without pain which is much better than last year but I still find it so hard to concentrate and control my mind. I also struggle to breathe which doesn’t help – who would have thought breathing would be so difficult! All in good time, hopefully next week goes better.

Other than yoga class I haven’t really been doing much… reading, eating, sleeping, washing, shopping for various bits and bobs… etc. Next week is a lot shorter because we get 3 days off in a row (moon-day + holiday + Saturday) so I plan to go and do some touristy things in Mysore. That will be fun… I am thinking the market, the palace, the zoo and the swimming pool at the hotel.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

2 thoughts on “The end of my 1st week of yoga classes”

  1. Random Julia! Can’t believe you are back in Mysore, studying with Vinay, living at Jyothi’s (albeit next door in the ‘non-fridge’ room) and doing all the things I was doing just a few months ago. I wanna go to Maresh Prasad! There’s this really great restaurant in Gokulum called ‘Sixth Main’… check it out if you can, it’s down a street off the main road where Pizza Hut, Dominos and I think Baskin Robbins is. Blah. Have a great time and say a big old Hi to Vinay from me.

  2. Hey B! THanks for the comment…. I’ve heard of this place, i hardly ever go to Gokolum but I may have to check it out. Its pretty crazy huh…. both rooms now have fridges but I am not using mine as the noise drives me nuts at night – also I can’t really be bothered cooking when it costs less than $1 to eat out! : )

    Hope all is well in NZ – see you when I get back in Jan! xxx J.

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