The 2nd week of yoga in Mysore

Well, well, well… what do you know… I’ve been in India for over 2 weeks now. We finished yoga school early this week because of the moon-day, new years eve and then it was a Saturday, so Vinay has given us 3 whole days off.

My 2nd week on the intensive course was a bit rough as I managed to get a nasty chest infection. You know the kind when your body hurts and you feel the need to spend all your time coughing up your lungs. Yep, within 2 days I was sounding like an 80year old chain smoker. Nice one.

On Sunday morning as I struggled to finish my 2hr class I wondered if this is another ‘cleansing’ phase of my yoga journey. My teacher must have been reading my mind because when he sent me home early he kindly informed me I was not going through any ‘re-balancing’ (like I went through last year), he told me I was sick and suggested I get some antibiotics. Phew! So I skipped class that afternoon, got lots of rest and took plenty of cheap Indian drugs and slowly, after a few days got better.

By the end of the week I was almost back to my usual self. My body has been more tired this week (understandable) but my morning practice has made a little bit of progress. I am starting to get the hang of the primary series again, getting into the flow of things and starting to remember what asana goes where. Back bending this week was pretty good – I did a full drop back (from my feet) and with Vinays help I got into what I think is one of the most beautiful poses (not sure what its called, its like a pigeon but you grab your foot and bend your back). That was pretty cool. Here is a photo from the net (nb:Mine wasnt half as pretty as this one!):

The best thing about it was that in the last few months pigeon pose (the non back bend version) was the most painful thing because of the hip. I was absolutely flabbergasted that I can now do it without pain! Yoga seems to have really helped my hip heal… how cool is that!

So… that’s another week of classes over and I am officially halfway thorough my course. I now get 3 days off before I start the 3rd week, which will be a full 6 day week.

Ps – I just wanted to say, I hope my posts aren’t coming across as showoffy…. The reason why I am sharing/recording my yoga milestones is because I have really enjoyed having my old yoga blog posts from last year to re-read, they have really helped me to reflect on my practice and remember how I got to where I am.


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I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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