Singapore Stopover

On the way home from India I had a 12 hour stopover in Singapore. Had I been well it would have been great as I would have spent the day in the city, however I was still feeling pretty crook so I didn’t have a lot of energy and a 12 hour stop over was the last thing I needed!

Regardless, 12 hours is what I had – so I made the most of it. I killed time in the airport for a few hours and then went on a city tour. The city tour was pretty cool but a bit fast (it only killed a couple of hours) – the best part was meeting this guy Garey and hanging out with him for a few hours after the tour. We went on a bit of an adventure and found the staff cafeteria in the airport (food was 1/4 the price of the stuff in the airport), we watched a bit of a movie and had a nap together in the movie theater (well, we both fell asleep at the same time). It was all very random! If Garey lived in Wellington I am sure we would have ended up as friends… but alas, our paths crossed and I very much doubt I will ever see him again!

Here are some pics from Singapore…


Bye bye Mysore… I will miss you!

Today my ‘extended’ holiday ends. For some reason (probably the acute gastroenteritis) I am more than ready to go home to New Zealand.

It’s going to be a long journey home… I have a 3-4hour drive to Bangalore, will wait a few hours there before flying to Singapore (4hrs), have to wait there for over 12hours (I may go into the city if I feel well enough), then I fly to Christchurch (10hrs), then I have to wait a bit (2hrs) then fly to Wellington (1hr). All up, door to door I expect the journey will take about 34-36hrs (starting at 4pm, so it will be a long day), not great given I am still feeling rather rubbish – but I am grateful I am well enough to go home (it could be a lot worse!).

So, my holiday was pretty much all about the yoga… it is crazy (to me) to think I have only been practicing yoga for a year. I have learnt so much in this first year and am so very grateful to Vinay Kumar who has really sparked my interest in the practice. I guess google should take some of the credit too as that is how I found Vinay! Sometimes I wonder if I had rocked up to a different yoga shala last year and studied with a different teacher if the story would be different… I really do feel lucky that things worked out the way they did!

This trip I have learnt a lot, I have also come to realise that I have so much more to learn. Last year the progress I made was very dramatic as I had never practiced yoga before (see posts Dec08-Jan09 if you are interested). This year I was more prepared for the trip and the progress was a lot more subtle. I am feeling good, my flexibility is better, my hip is 90% fixed, my pranyama has improved dramatically (to the point where I think I almost like it!) and best of all I am really curious to learn more about how yoga works. I’ve taken away a lot from this visit that I will be able to work on/play with during the year… it’s going to be a great year. I am lucky I also have a great yoga shala to go to in Wellington which also has wonderful teachers – this makes leaving Mysore so much easier!

So, farewell Mysore. I will miss you – but don’t worry, I’ll be back!

My crazy crazy dog friend

I almost forgot to post about my crazy crazy dog friend.

Some of you may remember from last year I wrote about the crazy dog I used to see on the way to yoga class in the morning. This dog was a nut case and amused me… she’d come running up to me every day and try and jump on me. She was kind of cute and I am sure she has A.D.D (attention deficit disorder). Anyway, a few days after I arrived in Mysore I saw her one morning on the way to yoga – she has changed a lot in the last year!

She has obviously had puppies (saggy boobs) and she has chilled out a lot… when she saw me looking at her she ran up to me to say hi, then she quickly lost interest and went about her business sniffing rubbish. I’ve seen her around quite a bit since then, she just ignores me now… but that is ok, she will always be my crazy crazy dog friend.

I think its kind of cool how I can come back to Mysore and recognise not only yoga students from last year… but I also a few of the resident dogs and cows! Here are some photos of Crazy:


2008/2009 (see last years post).

Indian Construction Workers

One thing that never ceases to amaze me in India is how much manual labour is relied on to develop the country. It’s amazing to watch… men and women constructing buildings brick by brick, they put piles of bricks on their heads and walk them to where they need to go.

The use of man-power is relatively efficient but is a lot of hard work. Check out these guys who are shifting concrete to the top of the building – it was beautiful to watch but must have been very tiring work for so little pay:

An update

[Note: This one was written in India, but not posted until I got to NZ… figured I might as well put it up seeing as it is all part of the travel diary].

Good news, I am feeling much better and the food likes to stay in my tummy now. This is fantastic, I am no longer scared to eat. I am a bit more paranoid that usual, but maybe that is a good thing. One thing is for sure, it is highly unlikely I will ever (ever) eat meat in India again! Having said that, the doctor thinks what I got was probably a water borne thing… so maybe I should be more careful with the water. Agh, who knows. The way I look at it… I was just unlucky – in the last 2yrs I have spent over 5 months in India and I only got sick 3 times… once was a yoga detox (doesn’t count), once was definitely a bad curry and this one is more of a mystery.

So, only 2 tummy bugs out of 5 months in India isn’t that bad; I am careful when I travel but certainly not half as paranoid has a lot of the westerners I have met in India (ie, I eat at local restaurants, I often drink the local restaurants filtered water (like the locals do) and I brush my teeth with tap water (which I am now thinking is probably dodgy).

Anyway… it doesn’t matter how I got it, the important part is I am better now. Yay. I think it is confirmed that I will fly home on Monday evening, will be stuck in Singapore for the day and then arrive home on Wednesday afternoon (via Christchurch). Can’t wait! I am packed and ready to go… I feel the need for some fresh air, my big bed, a good salad and some real free range eggs from chickens that eat nature (and not plastic bags like they do in India).