Happy New Years from India!

On New Year’s eve Gia and I decided not to go to the yoga parties in Gokolum (aka yoga student central) and instead decided to go into town. We walked the 30mins into Mysore city from Lakshimipurum (where we are staying), checked out the palace (hoping it would be lit up, but it wasn’t), wandered around and then had a meal and a few drinks at a rooftop restaurant. Mysore city was VERY quiet (not a lot going on at all), but it was an enjoyable evening eating good food and drinking beer on the rooftop while watching the normal chaos in the street below.

When the rooftop restaurant closed we jumped in an auto (Indian tuk tuk) with a random man from Canada who knew a place we could go for another drink. He took us to some posh hotel with a nightclub, not really feeling in the mood for a boogie with this strange man (and unwilling to pay the cover charge) Gia and I decided to jump in an auto and head back to Lakshimipurum. We got the auto driver to drop us off outside a church and just as we were getting out of the auto the fireworks went off in the middle of the street right beside our auto! It was very good timing.

So we stood outside the church with a large group of Indian church goers and saw the New Year in by watching fireworks with delight (and a bit of fright as the concept of ‘health and safety’ doesn’t exist over here). After the fireworks many of the local folks came over to wish us a happy new year and shake our hand. We were also given Samosas to take home which was a really nice touch!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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