A holiday from my yoga holiday!

I’ve just had 3 whole days off in a row! What a treat. I think the timing was perfect as towards the end of last week my body started to get a little bit tired. To be honest, I can’t really remember much detail of the 3 days. The days here in Mysore all blend into each other! I did spend most of my long weekend hanging out with Gia as it was her last weekend in Mysore; we went shopping, ate good food (I ate eggs and meat), had a few drinks (King Fisher Beer…yum), did lots of walking, hung out at the pool and just chilled out.

Of course… in the middle of our 3 day holiday was New Years Eve… that was lovely.

We went to the Green Hotel for lunch; this is a hotel just outside of Mysore that a few people have raved about. It was nice, the meals were good (hmm…. more meat and beer) and the gardens were pretty. To be honest, I prefer the curry’s at the Mahesh (my local very very cheap vegetarian alcohol free restaurant). These posh restaurants are only good for meat, alcohol and a relaxing atmosphere.

What else did I do… oh… I got my legs waxed. It was very efficient (had two woman waxing me) and incredibly cost effective. It cost me all of $3 nzd. Holy crap – why on earth did I bother waxing before I came to India when it costs more than 10x that for a half leg wax in NZ!?!

I was going to do a yoga practice during the break but my body was feeling like a rest, so I tried to practice my pranyama instead – I just did a short practice but it was actually pretty nice. For a wee while there it felt like I was swimming in a pool. Perhaps that was a window to how relaxing pranyama can be when you aren’t fighting with it.

And that was my holiday from my yoga holiday – it is amazing how fast the time went. Now I have a full 6 days of intensive yoga in a row…. bring it on!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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