Hmm… it seems that the intensive part of the yoga course hit me this time at the start of the 3rd week (last time it hit me on the 2nd day). I think until this week I had forgotten how intense the intensive course is… 4 hours of yoga + 45min of Pranyama six days a week is a lot…. no wonder I am feeling worn out!

After having 2 weeks of feeling really strong and fit, I am now feeling really tired and worn out! I also pushed the boundaries of the hip injury last night in back bending, so I’m paying for that today. This is all probably not being helped by the fact that I am not sleeping overly well. The bed a Jotthyis is terrible, very very terrible. In fact, it is so bad I am now sleeping on the floor!

Vinay seems to think this is all ok, he seems to think it is a phase I am going through, something to me about the muscles starting to work independently of each other so the weak ones are being made stronger. He said by the end of the 4th week I will be a feeling a lot better and my practice will improve, he also added that he is really glad I decided to stay longer. I have to admit the idea of lazing on a beach in Goa is very appealing to me right now!

But I do remember last year by the end of the 4th week (or maybe the 5th) I had some beautiful practices where I felt strong, flexible and felt like I was flying…. I have my fingers crossed that next week will be a lot better and things will fall into place before I have to leave Mysore.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

4 thoughts on “Ouch…”

  1. Sleeping on the floor! I can totally understand. Jyothi really needs to open her purse and get some decent beds. Good luck with the protein intake!

    1. I havent slept properly in a week… I am seriously considering booking into a hotel for a night so I can have a decient nights sleep (and a soak in the bath!). I am so not going to be staying at Jothyis next year…. got some other cool places lined up though. : )

      I wonder why it was ok last year, probably because I had been backpacking before hand, not sleeping on my lovely new bed…. hmm… bed.

      Got some lychee juice today – is that the stuff you got addicted to?

  2. I reckon… the beds are terrible. I have done some research and have two much better options (with real beds) for next time. Holy crap – I cant belive I am alreading scheming a ‘next time’. This is crazy addictive stuff.

    Looking forward to catching up when I get home.

  3. hiya Julia
    only just managed to get to your blogs, did not realise they were here until Mandy said. Just wondering how getting your bogeys out went? Sounds bloody horrible! 🙂 LOL

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