The end of my 3rd week of yoga!

Why oh why is the time going so quickly?!? It feels like I have only just arrived yet I am already at the end of my 3rd week of the intensive course. I have 1 ½ weeks left and then I have to go back to New Zealand. I am happy about going home, but I am not happy about leaving India! Oh well, ces’t la vie. It could be worse, originally I was only going to come for 2 weeks!!!

So, as you can probably tell by some of my earlier posts this week has been pretty rough, my hip has been bothering me and I feel like things are being stirred up. It is hard to explain, yoga does stuff to your body and mind, especially if you practice it as intensively as what I am doing at the moment. I am just grateful I am not detoxing/cleansing like last year!

The Pranyama towards the end of the week was disastrous, I hit a massive block on Friday and just couldn’t do it (or maybe I didn’t want to do it). So I did a few rounds, threw a paddy (quietly) and then did shivasana for the rest of the class. I had a chat to my teacher about it, it is kind of like reaching the top of a mountain (except I know I am nowhere near the top, it is just the 1st peak), I have two options… I can keep working through the block (and things should be a lot easier afterwards) or give up. I am not one to give up – so I will keep working through it.

As I near the end of my course I have been giving some thought about how I can integrate the progress I have made this month into my practice at home. I have decided to continue going to the evening Yoga Unlimited classes in Wellington and will try really hard to do a few (at least 3) self practices a week…. one full Pranavashya session plus two half sessions (apparently the sequence can be broken into two). I am also going to try continuing with the pranyama for another month when I get home.

I have also decided to give up my gym membership and instead I would like to take up kick boxing! I think Kickboxing + yoga should be a good combination (cardio, flexibility and strength). I am so excited about the idea – does anyone know of a good kickboxing teacher in Wellington?!?!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

2 thoughts on “The end of my 3rd week of yoga!”

  1. Hey Juls
    there are tons of good kickboxing teachers here in Welly. Maybe save up with me and come to Thailand for a two week intensive Muay Thai kickboxing course? 🙂 Then a week at a spa….ah lovely…

    1. Paula – I really really like that idea! That would be so much fun!!!! I am getting excited about the kick boxing, may have to wait until my hip is 100% though. Will see you soon, I am back in less than 2 weeks time!
      Hope all is well with you in Weli.

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