A trip to the Mysore Zoo

Today Olga and I decided to make the most of having no classes and went to visit the Mysore zoo. Zoos in Asia don’t have the best of reputations so I had very (very) low expectations. Mysore zoo is lovely though, it is a huge zoo (about 3 or 4kms) with lots of trees and plants; most of the enclosures are modern in design and where it is possible are opened aired. Mysore Zoo also has the funniest signs (see photos below).

There were lots of standard zoo animals and a few new ones (for me). I saw my first African Elephant which was amazing, they are a lot bigger than Asian Elephants and they have lovely huge floppy ears and these guys had massive tusks. I also saw some white tigers which was pretty special. But I wasn’t happy that only one of the tigers got to go outside while the others were caged up (it seems the take turns, maybe they don’t get on).

In hindsight, it surprises me that there were no camels – but perhaps that is just as silly as putting sheep in a New Zealand zoo!

Here are some photos of the zoo trip:


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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