An update on the Neti

Sutra Neti - photo stolen from another website (Yoga Therapy)
Ok, so today I tried Sutra Neti. This is where you put a rubber tube near the tip of your nose and then as you inhale you move it into your nasal cavity (see the lovely photo of the Indian man demonstrating).

Believe it or not, it is not as horrific as it sounds (or looks). I was really dreading trying it, but I am glad I gave it a go.

My left nostril was ok and I managed to get the tube to go right to the back of my throat, but then it hit a block and we just left it there (apparently we will try and get it all the way through next week).

My right nostril wasn’t having a bar of Neti sutras and I couldn’t get the tube very far in my nose at all without it hurting. This nostril is always blocked and I am pretty sure it it is a mutant nostril (I think its a deviated something-aratha). So we didn’t push the right nostril at all.

So, Sutra Neti – not as bad as it seems. But don’t try it without a proper teacher guiding you!

* * * Ooops… Ive just realised the photo of the lovely man isnt what I tried at all… I had the tube going up my nostril and into my throat. He is doing something else! but the photo is cool, so it can stay… you will have to use your imaginations. 🙂 * * *


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

3 thoughts on “An update on the Neti”

  1. Deviated septum, I think you mean. At least, I think that’s what you mean.
    That guy is, well, interesting. Kinda like flossing, but for the nose. You wouldn’t want to move that string too fast. I imagine friction burns up there would hurt!

    Oh, and it’s still not toasty warm here, but warmer than it was yesterday. I think you will be fine!

    1. Yep – I think that is what I meant. The man looked so happy, the Indian yogis are crazy…. crazy in a good way of course! Glad to hear its warming up,, I will try and bring some sunshine and warmth home with me when I come back!

  2. Satwadee Kha.

    We miss you – though I’m not back on 13th floor yet either – here on 7 till end Jan now.

    I’m slightly disturbed that I now know more about the insides of your nose than my own. Am not sure if congratulations are exactly what one should offer someone who manages to get their neti straw to the back of their throat but if so “well done”. Looking forward to seeing you in person soon and hearing all the stories – sounds like you will have stacks.


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