10 things I love about living in Lakshmipurum (Mysore)

I realise this blog is very yoga focused so I figured it is about time I wrote something about what it is like to live here in Lakshmipurum, Mysore. Today I will post, the top 10 tings about living in Lakshmipurum, tomorrow I will post about what I won’t miss!

10 things I love about living in Lakshmipurum (Mysore) – in no particular order

1. Waking up to the sound of the mosques and various temples. They start up around 5.30am, there is one mosque nearby that is very loud (usually with a good singer) and the rest are a bit quieter and less in tune. They are all going for gold and it is such a random mix of sounds – I love it.

2. The morning walk to class is lovely because it is quiet and often I see the same people doing the same thing. I see the man picking flowers for his puja, the woman drawing a motif on the temple doorstep, I say hello to the cows, smile at people and never cease to be amazed that there is so much wildlife that survives in the city.

3. The afternoon walk to class is fun too because often I see crazy things. For instance, today I said hello to my favourite local cows, waved to two men in a giant truck (both of whom were very excited to see me), said hello to a group of small children, saw a family of four on a motorcycle, saw a woman on the back of a motorcycle holding two plastic chairs, said hello to the guards at the school near my yoga shala (they say hello to me every day) and smiled at umpteen other people who were staring at me as I walked past.

4. Living in a place that isn’t overly touristy (yet). This means we don’t get hassled too much and the shops I shop at are local shops, the prices I pay are local prices. When you get into touristy areas in India you get pay at least triple and you get hassled at least five times as much.

5. The fact that my rent for 1 month in India is less than my rent in NZ for 1 week. Seriously, if I was more careful I could save money by coming here to use up my paid annual leave!

6. The Mahesh Prasaad is the yummiest and cheapest Indian restaurant I have ever been to. Dinner costs me $2 nzd (fresh lime juice, rice and a curry). Breakfast is usually less than $1 nzd.

7. The yoga classes are amazing (especially Vinnay’s at PranaVashya Yoga) and there are plenty of other courses you can do here in Mysore if yoga isn’t enough. People learn the yoga sutras, anatomy, do teachers training, learn instruments…etc.. its great to focus on developing yourself and trying new things.

8. It is always warm. And if it isn’t warm it is hot. I have only stayed here in winter which is a lot warmer, sunnier and less windy than Wellington’s summer (Id say the temperature is between 27 – 30 degrees during the day and it is cooler in the evenings). I hear in April/May it gets stinking hot… but at least it is never cold.

9. The people are lovely. A lot of the people I see (esp the old ladies and small children) stare blankly at me without smiling but I just smile right back at them… sometimes if I am lucky I will get a return smile. The stares intrigue me; I often wonder what these people are thinking. Other people ignore me (which is nice as well), and some of the people smile, wave and say hello when I walk past. Nearly everyone is friendly… sometimes I even feel like a super star! It’s a bit crazy.

10. The coconuts… I love my daily coconut from my local coconut man. It costs me 10 rupees (30 cents) and it is full of yummy coconut water which rehydrates me after a hot sweaty yoga class and is perfect as a pre-breakfast aperitif.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

7 thoughts on “10 things I love about living in Lakshmipurum (Mysore)”

    1. Thank you for your comment on my blog. You are correct, the historic architecture in Mysore is lovely and definitely worth a mention When I am wandering around Mysore I often imagine what life in Mysore would have been like when these buildings were at their prime. I bet town would have been grand.

      There is an old house across the road from where I am living that has intrigued me since I arrived – it looks like the house was abandoned at least 20-30 years ago… It looks like it is just a normal house but I bet it has an interesting story. I took a photo just the other day planning to post something about it.

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