10 things I won’t miss when I go home

Ok, to supplement yesterdays list… here are 10 things I will not miss when I go home

1. Worrying about being grabbed at when I walk home alone.

2. The excessive (and thoughtless) use of plastic bags esp in the new modern shops.

3. The pollution. The smell of burning rubbish (mostly plastic bags and packaging) is pretty bad, and it is sad to see city cows and dogs living off piles of rubbish.

4. The one big urinal that is India. Seriously, people happily pee anywhere (its kind of amusing, but smelly in places).

5. The beggars and the poverty. Only because you can’t help everyone, and giving to the poor encourages them to hassle foreigners. I seriously believe it is better for travellers to give to a charity than it is to give to the beggars (will save that speal for another day).

6. The bed at Jothyis place. Have I mentioned how terrible it is? 

7. Washing my clothes a’la bucket. The novelty wore off quickly because I go through so many yoga clothes. I can’t wait to use a washing machine again.

Um… the constant power cuts are inconvenient, but I kind of like them… so I don’t think they count! I can’t think of any more, so 7 will have to do!

I know, to top it up – the top 3 things I am looking forward to when I go home are:
1. Seeing friends and family.
2. Eating poached free range eggs and salmon on toast with Kaitaia fire or some other yummy sauce.
3. Sleeping in my nice big bed…. bliss.

Ok – I am now feeling much better about the fact I only have one more week to go before I fly home.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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