A special moon-day!

Today was a moon-day which is special in its own right because it means we get a yoga free day… but today was extra special though because there was a solar eclipse. Around 1pm the sun was partially covered by the moon… here are some photos I took while working on my tan at the pool (my new favourite way to spend moon-days!):


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

2 thoughts on “A special moon-day!”

  1. So what happened? Got copies of faxes with med forms etc this morning? Did you get my email got a strange bounce back?
    Anyway talked with the emergency assistance people, they said you had bad gastro. That is a suck end to your holiday! but also a qucik weight loss hehe. Hope you are doing ok.
    The insurance people will do all the flight changes and will be in touch to see how you are doing and when to change your flights when your able to fly back.
    Look after yourself. Big hugs!
    Susy and Phill

  2. Will send you an email. Im ok, you are right about the weight loss though – two people commented yesterday! It looks like I will be flying home on Monday, arriving Wednesday… can’t wait! I am more than ready now. 🙂

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