The last week of yoga

The yoga boot camp is officially over and I am pleased to advise that I survived. The progress I made this year was not as dramatic as last year but it was still very good, I am feeling a lot stronger, my flexibility has improved and my injured hip is a lot better. I am also feeling confident that I know Vinay’s PranaVashya primary series well enough to continue practicing it on my own at home.

I think the most dramatic change for me this year was not with my yoga asanas but with my pranyayma. I’ve mentioned a few times that I really struggle with pranyama and at one stage during the intensive course I even told Vinay that I don’t like it! But, I stuck with it and am actually starting to enjoying it… I think I can feel the benefits of the practice which helps a lot. Even when I got sick (more about that later), I still wanted to go to the yoga shala for pranyama…. this in itself is a miracle. Don’t get me wrong, I still find pranyama a challenge… but I think there has been a shift in my mindset which makes the difficulty more bearable! The hard part will be trying to maintain the practice at home.

Week 4 of the course was pretty good, I don’t remember the details but I am pretty sure it was a good week. The extra week (week 5) was unfortunately a bit of a disaster. On Sunday night I started to get a sore tummy, on Monday it got worse, I went to classes but felt weak (ended up getting sent home from back bending because I wasn’t well). Tuesday and Wednesday I missed the morning classes, went to Pranyama and did very gentle back bending in the evening. I thought I was getting better on Wednesday but when I woke up on Thursday it was bad… so bad I ended up in hospital and missed my flight home!

The hospital hooked me up to an IV drip, gave me some fluids, antibiotics and pain medication… they let me stay in the ER for the day and offered to keep me overnight (I decided against it and went back to my little flat in Lakshimipurum instead). After a lot of sleep and plenty of good drugs I am now feeling A LOT better. I am still weak but I am able to eat a little bit I feeling better every day.

Thank goodness for travel insurance! They are helping me arrange my flights home, fingers crossed I will be able to leave this weekend… surprise surprise, I am more than ready to go now! I worked out today that I am not very good at being sick; it gets rather boring… especially when I am too sick to read!

So… that is where I am at. Hopefully tomorrow I will hear from the travel insurance people about my flights… in the meantime I am just resting and getting over this tummy bug (otherwise known as acute gastroenteritis).


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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