A return trip to the hospital

Today I have been feeling much better, thank goodness. I am still rather weak and my tummy is still a little suspicious of food – but I am taking it easy and think by tomorrow I’ll be nearly 100%, which is good because tomorrow I am going hooooome! I had to go back to the hospital today to get the all clear from the doctor to fly home, the visit was a breeze compared to Thursdays debacle! The general medicine part of the hospital was closed so I had to go to the ER, luckily they were quiet and a few nurses remembered me from Thursday. The whole thing was sorted within 30mins.

It was funny, I asked the doctor for a note to say I was ok to fly. He asked me how I was feeling. I said I was better but very weak and a little dizzy, he said – don’t say that, I can’t give you a medical certificate if you say that. I said, come on, surely it’s ok to fly when you are dizzy. We talked about it; he seems to think it’s the antibiotics… I think it’s because I’ve eaten hardly any food for a week and have lost several kilos. Either way, he flashed a torch in my eyes, pressed my head, moved my neck and took my blood pressure – obviously he was happy with all that as he wrote me my doctors note. We didn’t talk about the dizziness.

I finish the antibiotics tonight, have been eating lots of small meals, had a lot of water, several coconuts and a couple of sugary drinks… already the dizziness is better. New Zealand here I come!!!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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